Extensions are a powerful way to use StatuBot, providing new, custom features. If you need any help, feel free to Join our Discord: https://discord.gg/HvJ4hSA


Some extensions require a premium subscription to use.


You need to be an admin on the server you wish to manage extensions for.

List of Extensions

StatusBot currently supports 2 monitors with more to come soon!

     Minecraft - Adds player count & ping to the MC server to the
     HyperChecker - Pings the IP/Domain you've set every 10 seconds & only updates the embed when it detects a change.

.. WARNING:: You can not use HyperChecker & Minecraft extension together.

Viewing Extensions

  • You can run sb!extensions

or - Go to https://statusbot.xyz/dash & Select a guild, then you can go to your monitors page to view and edit extensions.

Enabling & Disabling Extensions

  • In the guild you wish to enable an extension for
sb!extensions <monitorID> <extensionName>

Running this will enable the extension for that monitor & running it again disables the extension!